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Movie Scandal Mama Said Knock You Out download free! Book Title: Scandal Mama Said Knock You Out
Directors: Tony Goldwyn
Genre: Drama, Thriller
Country: USA
Language: English
Release Date: 2014-03-27
Runtime: 43 min
Stars: Kerry Washington,Columbus Short,Scott Foley
IMDb Rating: 7.9

Full movie description "Scandal Mama Said Knock You Out":

Fitz and Mellie's children prepare for an interview; Adnan seeks Harrison's help; Rowan warns Olivia to stop investigating B613.

Movie Scandal Mama Said Knock You Out download free

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With 3 more episodes left and with almost everything being put out in the open in the episode, you may wonder what is there left? Well, Maya is still at large and is as stubborn as he ex-husband and daughter; Jake being command continues to seem like not the best idea; and we still have Olivia and David's undercover mission to take down B613. As for everything else, well pretty much if it wasn't fixed, it is at least out in the open.

Topic 1: Welcome to the Glass House

With a big time campaign interview on the horizon, Olivia is doing her best to make everything perfect. Thing is, with Fitz and Mellie's kids, coming for the interview, a monkey wrench is thrown into things. You see, both kids don't like their dad that much, and Jerry (Dylan Minnette) hates his dad enough to possibly make a scene on live TV. As for Karen (Madeline Carroll) she seemingly just hates her dad because he cheated on Mellie. Though, as Mellie has mentioned before, another underlying issue is simply that Fitz seems to really be a boy no matter how you slice it. He is a father by birth, yet hardly knows a damn thing about his kids. I mean, say what you will about Rowan, but at least he kept tabs on Olivia.

But, perhaps the real issue here is all the secrets in The White House of which only the children seem unwilling to put up with. Most know the president is messing around with Olivia, Mellie has begun her affair with Andrew, and as everyone finds out who is screwing who, including the children, everyone seems to pause and reflect. Perhaps no one more than Olivia who as involved as she is with Fitz and his campaign, realizes at the end of the day she is the help.

Yes, she is intimate with the president but what do they have in their actual relationship besides lust? Some fantasy of a home in Vermont? I mean, how believable is their relationship when there is this continuous cycle of Olivia getting tired of being treated as a thing, wanting to be taken seriously, and yet going right back into being treated as a sex toy?

And we learn why their relationship is solely based on sex, and that is because for almost 10 years before Olivia came in Fitz's life, Mellie didn't have sex with him. So, being that he is a boy, and he found someone else who would have sex with him. Apparently though, this whole, have my cake and eat it too thing is one sided, for upon Fitz and the kids learning Andrew is having sex with Mellie, all hell breaks loose. The kids throw a fit, Fitz punches Andrew, and Olivia realizes, as close as she maybe to Fitz, she isn't his wife nor likely will ever be. And, in her mind, the best she can do is do her job right for that is all she has. So, once again, she tries to step away from Fitz so that she won't be a distraction, and even pushes him to get his family back together. Allowing Mellie once more to have hope.

Topic 2: Where There Is a Room with Tinted Windows

But, while a lot comes to light for Olivia, her associates continue dealing with old demons. Huck for example seems like he can't get Quinn out of his head. Their mutual mind game with one another, makes it seem hard to tell if Huck Huck truly wants Quinn, or just his chew toy back. Either way, this makes Charlie vastly jealous.

As for Harrison, he still is dealing with Adnan and tries to use Liv's connects to help her. But something about Adnan makes Liv uncomfortable strangely. For despite working with Cyrus, and various tainted clients, Adnan is just strange. However, trusting Harrison, she does her best. Sadly though, her apprehension was right for after some odd type of makeup sex, Adnan drugs Harrison and steals Olivia's files dealing with the security procedures of the president. Leaving us to wonder what does she and Maya have planned?

Topic 3: Where All the Files Are Kept

Thankfully for the republic though, both Jake and Rowan are keeping an eye on things. Something which bothers Jake for he isn't fond of Rowan not staying retired. But, as with any scene with Joe Morton, this little confrontation leads to an epic speech in which he tears Jake to bits and reminds him of how alone he is. Making Jake hurt to the point of wanting to kill Rowan, but not taking the opportunity just yet.

Meanwhile, Olivia continues to try to dismantle B613, and some are on her trail, one being Rowan. Who, while not the most cooperative of allies, helps Olivia realize that while often they have felt alone in their work, they truly do have each other. And with Olivia feeling like the help in the White House, and Rowan actually working at the Smithsonian now, but lurking in the shadows, I guess he is starting to realize his speech about being dragged into the light may include him. So, he decides to start handing information to Liv, if just for the sake of trying to mend their relationship.

I should note though, Jake has found himself to be at a point where he may actually become worse than Rowan since, as I said in the last episode, he really does have nothing. Fitz is no longer any semblance of a friend and his attitude toward Fitz matches Rowan; he has no family, no friends, no loved ones, and that icy stare of his seems more and more lifeless each episode. At this point, it really does seem like something is going to give with Jake and it is going to be interesting to see what that is.

Movie Scandal Mama Said Knock You Out download free

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Movie Scandal Mama Said Knock You Out download free

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