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Movie Taken Over download free! Book Title: Taken Over
Directors: Harley Wallen
Genre: Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Country: USA
Release Date: 2017-05-16
Stars: Dennis Haskins,T.J. Storm,Calhoun Koenig
IMDb Rating: 8.4

Full movie description "Taken Over":

Two Detectives are searching for clues to some very unique murders. A close friend finding her faith in search to clear her friend and a very bad man make up the main characters to this thriller.

Movie Taken Over download free

Reviews of the Taken Over

I know there is a good amount of trolling on this website, so I just want to start by saying that this piece is not being written in an effort to troll; I am interested in writing more reviews for Indie films, and I figured I'd start with the last indie film I saw in theaters.

"Taken Over" follows two cops, Detective Brown and Detective Sunderland, who are brought into a case where an old man (Dennis Haskins) shoots someone in broad daylight. Problem is, he doesn't have any memory of the incident.

Similar murders continue to be committed over town with the same MO; people who are seemingly random, law abiding citizens. The audience then finds out that a Demon (Director Harley Wallen) is behind these murders. He whispers Swedish, and the person is put in a trance. They then go to commit the murder, regaining consciousness hours later.

There are some very, very nice pieces to this film. Great performances from both detectives, Kris Reilly and Joe Piazza. They vibed very well together, really brought the realism to the partnership.

The film is a low budget film. There are clearly sound issues, blown out highlights, and some campy performances. But that's okay, that's part of the deal. None of those issues took me out of the film. But the script did. And for that, there is never an excuse.


The MOTIVATIONS for EVERY character was all over the place. I'll go through a few here:

  • It is never established why a mafia type boss begins contracting this
Demon to kill people. Are they from another gang? Or hurting his business somehow? The most puzzling was the little girl. Why the hell does the mob want to give assassinating duties to a little girl who can barely hold the gun up?

  • The frickin' town of Lake Orion was a hilarious place to set the
movie. I had to keep from rolling my eyes throughout. And then the director was asked during the Q&A why he chose LO? "I live there." This aspect bugged me more than anything else in the film. The cops talk about how the city has gone down, questioning why they should even help (lines right out of a Nolan Batman movie). But in the police station, the crest that is splattered all over the place reads "Orion Township." IT'S NOT EVEN A CITY. It's a TOWNSHIP! These cops are crying and moaning over "protecting" a city with less than 2500 people. Come ON!

  • Another thing about the location: Why was the demon there? He's as
old as time (theoretically), and can go anywhere or do anything. So he settled for being a low level hit-man in Lake Orion, Michigan?

  • The most egregious example of lazy writing comes at the end of Act
III. The cops find the Demon at a local bar. Yes, you read that right. And how? Well, the only informant in town goes there. And the Demon just happened to be there, too. Randomly finding the villain at the bar? The audience expects more.

  • So, the ending. Wow. The Demon is killed by a Priest from Jamaica or
Barbados. Which is annoying enough, because usually those type of characterizations are there for a reason. This was simply added to give the actor a different accent. The demon transfers it's soul to one of the cops, therefore continuing the cycle. It's not a bad ending, it was just better when I saw it in Fallen, It Follows, Halloween 5, etc.

There was one more major issue I had with the film; the event surrounding it. This all DOES NOT affect the score I gave the film.

First of all, I went into the film thinking "this better be worth $25." I tried to squash that feeling, knowing that I already had a negative mind going into the film. I'm glad that the filmmakers were able to doll up, walk the red carpet, and reminisce about the production. I would hope for that! But the constant crowning of two actors I had never heard of was extremely distracting.

Dennis Haskins was from Saved by the Bell, which I had never seen. And TJ Storm stunt coordinator in LA. The filmmakers kept saying he was in Deadpool, but he actually did the motion capture for Colossus. Which is very cool, but NOT the same thing. Very much akin to a kid in LA saying "I worked with Spielberg," when he was an office intern. A lot of great actors deserved to be praised for their work in the film.

The worst was during the Q&A. Someone asked Harley about his writing process, and Kaiti Wallen (either sister or wife of Harley) excitedly blurted out "Three hours! He wrote the film in three hours!"

I was finally struck with my a-HA moment. THAT is why the film fell short. THAT is why the script was littered with lazy troupes and unrealistic motivations. Because he wrote the script in three hours. And for that to be a point of excitement for the producers just shows the surprising lack of knowledge for how scripts are actually made.

Look, I'm not a filmmaker. I write and study scripts as a creative outlet. I just think that if a production team is going to go through all the rigors of making a feature film, the very least they could do is go through a second draft. Because the solid edit, strong performances, and thousands of dollars are all wasted on a below average script.

Movie Taken Over download free

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